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Capital markets, optimised

Nivaura. Our name reflects our purpose:
Niv means flow in Sanskrit. Aura refers to energy.

We’re about digitising capital markets.
Simplifying processes to allow the economics of transactions to flow unfettered through financial channels.

We are committed to automating processes so data flows seamlessly between primary markets participants.


After a successful career in academia and capital markets, our founder Avtar set up a niche consulting firm specialising in pricing tools and risk systems. He experienced first-hand how inefficient the processes supporting bond issuance were, leading to risk and unnecessary cost.

Avtar envisioned an Amazon AWS-like “one click” solution for creating, editing and transferring the documentation necessary for bond issuance. Repeated tasks could be automated and the approach copied for other areas of capital markets.

Nivaura was born

Nivaura dramatically reduces the time and cost in capital market transactions by digitising, automating and optimising workflows, to increase profit margins.

We strip out layers of complexity, connecting demand and supply workflows to make capital markets accessible to all.

Our Misson

Capital markets, evolved

Nivaura’s mission is to power capital markets workflow through secure technology solutions.

Nivaura makes capital markets’ transaction processes zero-touch and instantaneous, with security and control over highly sensitive pre-trade data.

This forms part of our vision to create an entirely digital front-to-back experience for primary markets workflows, from client-facing to internal operational activities to external clearing activities.

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Pre 2014

Set up a niche consulting firm specialising in pricing tools and risk systems.


Firm worked with clients and guidance from the FCA to design and develop a digital automated primary markets workflow for securities instruments.


Avtar, along with his co-founders, collaborated with the FCA to show how full vertical digitisation can be achieved for primary markets using technologies such as blockchain.


Idea of launching Nivaura to become the ‘Intel Inside’ for platform operators to digitalise and automate workflows through low code technology.


Nivaura pioneered the world’s first regulated tokenised bond issuance.


Full regulatory permissions to test end-to-end executions, Nivaura went on to pioneer the concept of a regulated stable coin for onchain settlement.


Nivaura developed General Legal Mark-Up Language (GLML) for primary markets transactions which is open-sourced to encourage market standardisation.


Working on multiple structured note transactions leads to building blocks of the EMTN library that underpinned the development of Aurora.


This solution won the UBS Future of Finance Challenge award.


An independent GLML consortium with major law firms, CSDs and IPAs was created. In 2021 this has been moved into the GLML Foundation, a not for profit entity



Nivaura raised $20million to continue its mission to simplify and automate primary markets infrastructure.


Closed deals with LSEG, A&O, DBS, and several financial market infrastructure, taking Nivaura’s technology from Europe, and soon to the Americas, Asia, and Africa.


Began commercial testing of Aurora with early adopter clients in Pre and Post Trade to drive front to back product development.


Flow powered by Nivaura soft launched.


FIX Marketplace powered by Nivaura soft launched.

Leadership Team

Founded in 2016, Nivaura is led by a team of capital markets, legal and technology experts, and is supported by a well-respected board of directors.

Board of Directors

Trade Associations


Nivaura is a member of The International Capital Market Association or ICMA. The ICMA is a self-regulatory organization and trade association for participants in the capital markets. Among its members are private and public sector issuers, banks and securities houses, asset managers and other investors, capital market infrastructure providers, central banks and law firms. Through its committees, ICMA brings together members from all sectors of the wholesale and retail debt securities markets to inform its work on regulatory and market practice issues, which impact all aspects of international market functioning.


Nivaura is a member of The International Securities Services Association. ISSA is a not-for-profit, international organisation that brings together influential securities services leaders, experts, regulators, and other industry stakeholders to foster international coordination and collaboration.

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