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Nivaura partners with banks, issuers, lawyers and other stakeholders to digitise and automate capital markets transactions.

Enabling data to flow seamlessly between participants in the securities issuance process, our technology reduces the time, resource and operational risk associated with existing workflows.

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Leverage structured data and machine-readable securities documentation to reduce manual processes, increase accuracy and lower operational risk.

Access A single platform that is secure and scalable

Collaborate across the MTN drawdown process, with streamlined negotiation of documents, automated calculations and data enrichement, and transparency across each stage of the deal process.


Digital workflows can be tailored to your internal process and controls, with a digital and proprietary audit trail.


LSEG’s Flow platform, which is powered by Nivaura, digitises and automates the debt capital markets issuance process.

Bringing together participants on a single digital platform hosted by the London Stock Exchange group, Flow uses machine-readable securities documentation to enable transaction parties to negotiate, execute and share data for MTN drawdowns efficiently and securely.

Nivaura is working closely with LSEG to enhance Flow, adding new functional and non-functional services and advanced machine learning capability to further automate the securities issuance process.

For more information visit Issuer Services Flow.

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  • Configure your workflows: Set up workflows aligned to your organisation's process and compliance requirements, and improve efficiency, reduce cost and reduce time to market.
  • Align deal data and legal documentation: Set-up any documentation in a machine-readable format, that can be managed through the workflow, minimising manual work as well as errors and rework.
  • Digitise more asset classes: Flow is currently focused on MTN private placements and will be expanded to other key asset classes and operational activities across syndicated trades and structured notes.
  • Digital-first user journey: Aude Rajonson, Global Primary Markets Fixed Income Origination Manager, explains this Digital first user journey below:


The DCM market is critical to corporate financing in Europe, but the new issue execution process hasn’t been modernised. Everyone knows this, but until recently, banks didn’t always look at DCM in ways that captured the full costs, with front office bankers being measured on deal profitability and league tables. Now institutions know they’ve got to take out costs, automate and externalise functions – not least because borrowers are asking intelligent questions.

In 2018 in Europe borrowers paid around $5.7 billion in new issue fees. However, with the high cost base for dealers in the industry the margins are small. Therefore, taking unnecessary cost out of primary market administration is now firmly on the radar of both treasurers and dealers.

The time is ripe for traditional ways of bond origination to make way for a more digital approach, to do what has been aspired for so long – by taking the first step towards the creation of an independent platform that allows bond issuers efficient and effective direct access to the market place and bond investors. The FIX Marketplace marks the first step in this ambitious journey to democratise the capital markets for better transparency and broader financial inclusion. This can only be done effectively in consultation and collaboration with market players and participants, including arrangers, issuers, investors, lawyers, auditors and clearing houses. Through this collective effort, we can enhance the capabilities and features of the FIX Marketplace to best transform the market for the better.

This is a powerful collaboration for innovation in an important and complex market. Working with the grain of new issue dealers and their embedded market knowledge is the only way to identify and drive sustainable change. Listening to the market is critical to ensure innovation is feasible and relevant, and that’s already generating a positive response.

Spencer Lake

Board Member of Nivaura and former Vice Chairman of HSBC’s global capital markets business

Clifford Lee

Global Head of Fixed Income, DBS

Nikhil Rathi

former CEO of the London Stock Exchange and Board Member of Nivaura

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Creating efficiencies with a data standard, which can be read by machines and humans to use in legal documents during transactions as well as down-stream systems.

“Having a common language for automated securities will benefit the capital markets as a whole.”
Theo Trayhurn, A&O Capital Markets Partner

GLML Foundation