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Press: GLML Foundation and Nivaura Launch GLML Plug-In

February 21st, 2022

Nivaura, a London based fintech, announced today the launch of the General-purpose Legal Markup Language (GLML) plug-in for Microsoft Word. This follows the launch last summer of a not-for-profit foundation (the GLML Foundation) to promote and develop GLML for use by lawyers and other non-programmers to make legal documentation machine readable and executable in debt capital markets.

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Press: UK FinTechs Fnality, Nivaura and Adhara collaborate with NatWest and Santander to execute first cross-chain pilot debt transaction on public Ethereum and Fnality Payment System

February 9th, 2022

Three UK FinTechs, in collaboration with two major European banks, today announced the successful completion of a pilot proof of concept (POC) involving the issuance of a tokenised security on a public blockchain, with the payment leg conducted through a new, DLT-enabled payments system.

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