Capital Markets, enhanced

Our low code workflow platform, Aurora, is being built to digitise and automate end-to-end capital market processes such as bond issuance and post trade data management.


Fully flexible and configurable implementation options include; Bespoke, private cloud or on-premise deployment, customisable functionality and white-labelling and the ability for workflows to adapt in real-time in response to data from external sources.

Capital markets, automated

Aurora can be configured to setup a workflow for any stakeholder within the primary markets value chain, either as an internal tool within an organisation, or to interact with external stakeholders to build seamless user journeys.

The platform enables structured or unstructured data sources to be utilised, these can be converted to standard formats for seamless end-to-end data management across teams using internal and external services.


Aurora supports CP/CD, MTN and Swap products, spanning pre-trade, sales and post-trade processes.

Deployment options include; single dealer end-to-end workflow tools, multi-dealer execution platforms and operational post-trade management services.

Aurora Docs

Access a template library of machine readable, legally compliant documents all prepared by prominent capital markets law firms.

Aurora Users

Collaborate with multiple users in real time; negotiate, review drafts, make comments, and sign documents with digital or wet signatures.

Aurora Connect

In just a few clicks, transfer documentation to trade booking or risk systems and external partners, without needing to re-type data, attach documents or send emails.

Aurora Data

Analyse and monetise structured data more effectively, using artificial intelligence to drive automation and derive value, effortlessly.


Automate legacy workflows and documentation for deals without expensive, time-consuming technology builds. 
All deal participants are connected in one place, accessible at the touch of a button. 

  • Digitise - all relevant deal information.
  • Automate - each step seamlessly and securely.
  • Optimise - scale and compliance ready.
  • Low code development - ready to be tailored to your workflows.
  • Simplify multiparty deal process - low touch and auditable workflows.
  • Drive costs down - focus on value adding activities.

London Stock Exchange Case Study

Find out how our technology has already made this a reality through our partnership with the London Stock Exchange


Cut complexity and confusion 

Automation speeds up transactions, reduces error by removing manual entry and releases time you can focus on deals and client base

Configure your workflow

Low-code system quickly automates end-to-end transaction process and builds solutions for multiple touchpoint workflows

State of the art security

Zero Trust Architecture safeguards your data, creates audit trails and grants permission rights on your command

Single platform, multi-participant

Collaborate at every step of the process by streamlining your workflows and bringing all parties together to create, negotiate and close deals in one place

Leverage your current infrastructure

Utilise the components that align with your business needs and complements your core services; then configure and deploy them on-premises or in the cloud.

Control in your hands - seamlessly connect workflows

You control the keys to your digitisation, automation, optimisation journey. You will have the ability to develop your own technology on top of Nivaura

Avtar, Nivaura’s CEO, explains how Aurora automates and simplifies workflows

“Nivaura delivers proven technology to drive efficiency, accuracy and transparency. With greater automation, we can help market participants remove redundant and duplicative activity and address time and cost pressures”.

Innovation Realised

Nivaura was the first company in the world to fully automate bond issuances in the UK within the FCA regulatory sandbox. Supported by capital markets law firm Allen & Overy Nivaura went on to issue the world’s first legally compliant tokenised and cryptocurrency denominated security.

Nivaura has integrated machine learning technology to process data trapped inside documents with unmatched extraction qualities. This kind of automated process for businesses will be transformative in terms of efficiency. In turn, this could enable law firms and banks to bring on more capital markets clients and build out specialisms within their product offerings, due to time gained back.


Parsing Module

Ingest and digitise standard documents like term sheets and pricing supplements quickly, source agnostic.

Machine Learning / AI

AI driven solution intelligently interprets and transforms human created data points, optimising the creation and flow of structured data.


General-purpose Legal Mark-up Language, this is the first human and machine readable mark-up language for people, especially lawyers, to make their documents machine readable. This can then be used in automated tools, removing repeated manual updating and endless drafts being sent back and forth.

Zero Trust Architecture

We leverage cryptography to push the boundaries on ZTA and term level encryption security and access management.

Power your capital markets transaction