Case Study: FLOW with LSEG

FLOW – a single, secure platform that cuts complexity and is fully auditable.

“Our partnership with Nivaura to develop Flow, built to simplify bond transaction execution is revolutionising capital flow by helping market participants do business in an open-access, resilient, secure and scalable manner.”
Shrey Kohli, Head of Debt Capital Markets and Funds, Capital Markets at London Stock Exchange 

The challenge:

  • A typical primary capital markets execution involves multiple intermediaries who repeatedly convey information back and forth to draft and execute legal documents. 
  • This requires significant resource, and is prone to error due to repeated manual entry.
  • The processes that after drafting documentation, such as clearing and record-keeping, are also manual and time consuming, with parties reviewing documents individually and pulling out necessary information to input into their systems.
  • These inefficiencies are squeezing capital market participants’ profit margins and the London Stock Exchange Group wanted to simplify these complex workflows throughout the MTN deal cycle.

The solution:

Nivaura worked with the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) to configure and launch the Issuer Services Flow platform. Flow digitises and automates the process of originating, negotiating and closing deals to make the primary issuance of debt securities more efficient.

It uses General-purpose Legal Mark-up Language, a human and machine-readable mark-up language that creates structured data to power Flow's automated transaction workflows.

Flow transforms the way participants: 

  • Coordinate, execute and close more EMTN deals with greater speed, efficiency, accuracy and security.
  • Create, negotiate and close on a single, scalable platform and collaborate throughout MTN deals, streamlining the whole process.
  • Deliver confident compliance with electronic audit trails at every step of the process and giving participants total control over data privacy.